Episode 15: "You need to empty your mind."

Episode 15: "You need to empty your mind."

Sometimes, just taking a deep breath is a win and you need simple, small reminders to break the vicious cycle of chronic stress. C + D share how they cope with anxiety and the latest books they’re obsessed with.

Links To Give You Life:

  • Help D fuel her obsession with her new book project and sign up to receive her email updates

  • Pick apart your favorite stories to see if they fit this 27-point format—or use it to plot out your own novel

  • Read the underdog story of the 1936 U.S. Olympic rowing team that really stuck it to Hitler with The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown

  • Not into rowing? Enjoy a similar story of bobsledding with comedy classic Cool Runnings

  • Watch the mini-documentary of Us Against the World to learn more about the rowing team’s history

  • Or experience the story with a full film from PBS, The Boys of ‘36

  • List away your anxiety with this Notebook for Charting Your Tasks, Hopes, and Dreams

  • Identify what you’re feeling, why it happens, and how to cope with it with advice from This Way Up

  • Disrupt your “stress is normal” cycle and pre-order Stress-Less Leadership by Dr. Nadine Greiner to tackle stressors that trigger you in the office and at home

  • Integrate mindfulness in your daily workout routine with Daily Burn

Put Obsessed to the (Taste) Test:

Folkington’s is an English company that makes authentic juices, presses, mixers, and tonics, and in this episode, C + D tried the Cloudy Pear Juice. Listen to see what they thought (spoiler: we’re #obsessed), and grab a bottle for yourself to try! Don’t forget to email your stories, suggestions, and thoughts to currentlyobsessedclub@gmail.com.

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