Episode 18: "Drink it like the wino you are."

Episode 18: "Drink it like the wino you are."

Summer has arrived! For some of us, it represents a season of freedom, while for others, it’s just something to survive. In this episode, C + D share their feelings about summer and discuss the best sights, sounds, smells, and settings of the summer season.

Links To Give You Life:

  • Join the Funko #obsession and display your favorite characters from practically any fandom—even Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

  • Employ your own secret talents and parallel D’s journey from Barbie barista to Diner Dash waiter to Overcooked master chef

  • The Straw Hat Pirates are taking the U.S. by storm—starting with Illinois and Wisconsin—so get on board with One Piece on Hulu

  • Embrace your inner manga and anime nerd and learn more fun facts about One Piece

  • Make new friends and join the Treasure Truck experience with Amazon, where C has scored some amazing deals on these items:

  • Check off that bucket list item of seeing the cutest Swifty Swine Racing Pigs compete for fame at the San Diego County Fair

  • Embrace the heat and set a new sweat record for yourself by visiting Six Flags this summer

  • Start your own Summer Study Series—C + D recommend trying these reads:

    • Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy—for the reader who likes the ultimate challenge

    • Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell—for the reader who can hear gunshots in their neighborhood

    • The Crucible” by Arthur Miller—for the reader who skims paragraphs just for the dialogue

    • The Awakening” by Kate Chopin—for the reader who secretly wants to suffer heartbreaking devastation in book form

Put Obsessed to the (Taste) Test:

We’ve all heard of boxed wine and, having tried it or not, can appreciate the stigma. But what about canned wine? Tiamo has red, white, and rose in cans, which could either be a great summer treat or a terrible idea. C + D shared a can of Organic Rosé picked up from a local World Market and rated it pretty highly. Listen to the episode to hear their thoughts and send in your own opinions and suggestions to currentlyobsessedclub@gmail.com.

Episode 19: "My phone is like Star Trek."

Episode 19: "My phone is like Star Trek."

Episode 17: "You should smile more."

Episode 17: "You should smile more."