Episode 12: "Now it just smells like peaches and poop."

Episode 12: "Now it just smells like peaches and poop."

Charcoal-activated deodorant might just be the best thing, sweaty T-shirts might be the key to finding your soul mate, and peaches and poop are not a good combo. In this episode, C + D discuss how smells impact daily life and pick out ones they hate, love, and just find interesting.

Links To Give You Life:

  • Discover what #booktube is all about by watching the founding mother, Christine Riccio

  • Join our book club with Again, But Better, a sweet contemporary story of a college student who’s stuck in her rut of a routine and decides to create an adventure for herself studying abroad in London

  • Find out if being an audiobook narrator is in your future with this interview and quick look behind the scenes

  • Take the obsession to the next level by following Christine on Instagram and joining the #bookstagram community

  • Encounter magical relief, symbolism, and some wild sci-fi influence with The OA by binging (or very slowly watching) Seasons 1 and 2

  • Check out this subreddit on “Biblical and Christian References in The OA” and this one for even more on the religious symbolism that comes up throughout the show

  • Embrace the sweat (non-antiperspirant) and try this natural-based, charcoal-activated, jar-contained deodorant PiperWai

  • Learn what works best for your body and give Crystal Essence roll-on deodorant a try

  • Dive in with the primal race of faeries—with their heightened senses and fear-smelling habits—with A Court of Thorns and Roses (also highly recommend the audiobook version, available on Scribd)

  • Watch Ben Higgins determine who he’s attracted to based on smell on The Bachelor

  • Is the gym, in fact, the best place to meet your soulmate? Find out how certain sweaty T-shirts could be calling your name with this article from The New York Times

  • If “women” marketed deodorants aren’t working for you, put on some Old Spice Swagger to give you that smell boost and antiperspirant magic

Put “Obsessed” to the (Taste) Test:

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate may have started small, but they’re basically Willy Wonka these days with a solar-powered factory and a franchise retail chain. In this episode, C + D tried the Bee-Berry Honey Caramel chocolate bar and became #obsessed. Have a recommendation for our next taste test? Send it in, along with all your other suggestions, stories, and smells to currentlyobsessedclub@gmail.com.

Episode 13: "If I'm not there, start without me."

Episode 13: "If I'm not there, start without me."

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